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Performance Management Division

The Performance Management Division is charged with establishing targets, measuring progress, and driving improvement towards the achievement of the goals established in HUD’s Strategic Plan. The Division manages the HUDStat and CityStat processes, which provide a forum for a data-driven discussion of HUD’s strategies and results to achieve the Agency Priority Goals established by the Secretary and his senior leadership team. The Performance Management Division also collects and manages agency-wide performance data, and is enhancing the ability of HUD staff across the country to use that data to improve outcomes. The Division also works to spread best practices in performance evaluation and data-oriented management throughout the Agency.

Performance Management Projects

HUDStat Meetings for Agency Priority Goals

HUDStat is an agency-wide performance management process that fosters data-driven discussions of progress towards key agency outcome goals and the operational and policy actions needed to reach and surpass our targets. HUDStat looks at Agency Priority Goals addressing:

  • Foreclosure prevention
  • Residential vacancy rates in hardest-hit areas (target areas for the Neighborhood Stabilization Program)
  • Preserving and expanding affordable rental housing
  • Homelessness among veterans, families, and chronically homeless individuals
  • Energy-efficient and healthy retrofits of HUD-assisted housing
In the long-term, the HUDStat meetings will expand to cover a broader range of the measures identified in HUD’s strategic planning process, with the flexibility to focus on areas of critical need as revealed by timely data. HUDStat meetings are designed to be the key "check-in" points of a pervasive and continuous focus on outcome data to drive management actions at HUD.


HUDStat Planning and Reporting

The Performance Management Division’s planning work establishes the foundation for all agency performance management lifecycle activities, including the development and implemention all processes required to support HUDStat. This includes the development and publication of the Management Action Plan and the Strategic Plan, the development and maintenance of the HUDStat data gathering tools and processes, and coordination with all stakeholders on performance reporting.

HUDStat Business Intelligence Development

Funded by the 2010 and 2011 transformation initiative funds, HUDStat BI is an $8.6M IT project to supplement and enhance the agency-wide performance management meetings (HUDStat meetings). HUDStat BI uses modern Business Intelligence capabilities to provide an enterprise view of performance data by place, time and program that can be disaggregated down to the very lowest levels of geography for comprehensive analysis during HUDStat meetings. Our long term goals for this program are broader than simply supporting this meeting process, and are indeed transformational. We expect HUDStat to: promote data-driven decision-making and place-based policymaking by integrating disparate performance data for the first-ever enterprise view of HUD’s performance towards meeting our Strategic Goals; promote open government by eventually publishing non-sensitive granular datasets to internal and external websites; empower field staff with data and the analytical tools; make the connection between the daily work and the achievement of the mission; enhance data quality by repeatedly focusing on the data in these executive forums; and catalyze the development of new standards for data governance and management.