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What this means for you


Multifamily Customers and Stakeholders

Multifamily’s new operating model will improve its ability to efficiently serve its customers, manage risk, and increase national consistency. For example, workload sharing will make Multifamily more flexible and better able to handle spikes in demand. The new underwriter and account executive models will match the right people to the right work, and a more streamlined organizational structure will ensure accountability and consistency – all essential for delivering excellent customer service.

Multifamily is also committed to implementing these changes as smoothly as possible by using a multi-year, phased approach. This plan builds on the lessons learned from successful programs like Breaking Ground, which allowed Multifamily to significantly reduce its backlogs and processing times.

In short, the Multifamily transformation should deliver significant long-term benefits to customers and communities. Although this transformation will achieve significant savings in a fierce budget environment, the primary goal is improving Multifamily’s ability to deliver on its mission – to the benefit of all Multifamily stakeholders.

Multifamily Staff

Multifamily’s most valuable asset is its people – and this transformation will have a deep and personal impact for many of these people and their families. The Multifamily leadership team is committed to providing its employees as much information as possible about this change and what it means for them. For more information, staff can visit HUD@work to view employee-specific FAQs and to access important resources